We sell ink ribbons of various widths that   will fit all types of printers. Depending on which surfaces you need to print on - matte, glossy paper, film, cardboard or textile strips - we offer wax, waxresin, resin or hot stamping strips. The strips are perfect for printing codes and other graphic information.

In the assortment, you will find ink ribbons of various sizes for each type of printer:

Wax tapes are the cheapest and most widely used. Best suited for printing on white paper , where high durability is not required, there are no high requirements for print resistance.

Wax resin tapes - excellent print quality on any white or colored paper, as well as on films, which provides additional visual brightness, improves durability and resistance to environmental factors. 

Resin tapes - printing is characterized by high resistance and durability. The press becomes resistant to high and low temperatures, constant rubbing, contact with chemicals. Mostly used for printing on various films: PP, PE, PET.